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Fun in the Sun, Women's Tennis and Pickleball






Ladies Summer Fun League

Tennis makes the news as the Summer Fun League for ladies takes the courts every Wednesday evening.

 “The league is the brainchild of Heidi Martin,” explained Marsha Lusby. “I agreed to help in the organizing and implementing of the great idea!”  

The two of them have 16 ladies of varied levels teaming up for fun and a bit of competition. With the Covid-19 restrictions, the area Spring and Summer leagues have been canceled, and most of the ladies-only play with a limited group here in SLV. Players are positive in their comments about the league.

“I am playing with and against ladies that I do not usually play.”
 “This is really fun!”  
“I want us to continue or shuffle players into teams again and have a Fall league.”  

Heidi and Marsha are doing a good job as the captains of the two teams and have agreed to do some additional brainstorming about continuing the league.



Pickleball Beginner’s Program

Pickleball continues to grow in numbers and enthusiasm. Curtiss Wakefield has taken on the Beginner’s Program that meets on Thursday morning at 8:00.  Barb Doughty, a member of the Tennis/Pickleball Committee, is excited about Curtiss’ willingness to jump in and help out. “He is passionate about the game and loves to introduce ‘newbies’ to Pickleball on the court.  Curtiss had 17 players at this weeks’ session. This includes experienced players who work with Curtiss as ‘coaches’ to help bring new players along.” 

“The focus on Thursday morning is on beginners to the game,” explained Curtiss. “We even have paddles for them to use.”  

The session begins with a short explanation of the rules and scoring.  Then the group works on a few basic strokes.  “At this point,” Curtiss continued, “I pair up the new player with one of my experienced players who comes out to help. With an experienced player and a newbie playing another experienced player and newbie, the ball actually stays in play, and everyone has an opportunity to make contact with the ball. Beginners do not have to be concerned about keeping score because the experienced player takes care of that.” Learning the game, while playing the game, is always more fun.


Anyone who would like to give Pickleball a try can call the Recreation Center Front Desk. They will be able to assist you in signing up on the system. You may also sign up by contacting Curtiss Wakefield: wakefic@gmail.com .

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