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Art Instruction at the MACK

By Nathan Elliott

AS PART OF the MACK's mission is to provide art, culture and education to the region, Clint Scott & Pat Meyers offer many wonderful learning opportunities through a wide variety of classes. One example is an art instruction class that offers education on basic art elements, with a focus on acrylic and watercolor compositions. This is an ideal class for beginners and intermediate students wishing to continue regular art programming. Students are encouraged to bring their own images. The MACK website (/Blog/311613/Art-Instruction-at-the-MACK) also provides current information and class schedules. However, keep an eye out as a new website is scheduled to go live early this year. The new website will allow online registration, updated course information, and information about our instructors. A supply list is available to all registered and interested students. Please contact the MACK directly for more information and to register for an upcoming class - Email the MACK at /Blog/311613/Art-Instruction-at-the-MACK or call 864-852-3216. 


Originally from Hazel Park, Michigan, artist Clint Scott graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1971 with a BFA degree in Graphic Design & Illustration.  Right out of college, ABC Network Television hired Clint as an Associate Art Director to do movie and news art.  After a few years he landed his dream job as an illustrator for Pitt Studios, one of the nation’s largest art studios.
As a young artist, Clint felt blessed to be tutored by some of the finest illustrators in the country.  He got to work with artists who specialized in hand lettering, acrylic painting, watercolor, paper sculpture and drawing. 
Clint was honored with numerous Communicating Arts and American Institute of Graphic Arts awards while at Pitt Studios.  He was also selected to exhibit in the Bicentennial Smithsonian Show for stamp design.  In 1989, Target Marketing Magazine chose one of his pieces as one of the top ten posters in America.
In 2005 Clint & Lynda moved to McCormick, SC.  The serene beauty, hometown atmosphere, and supportive arts community were irresistible.  
Clint’s teaching background includes being an instructor at the Atlanta College of Art and teaching at Piedmont Technical College. Clint has taught classes at the MACK for the last 14 years.


In the year 2000, Pat enrolled in acrylic lessons with D.D. Watson in the Atlanta area. Her talents were well recognized and she continued until moving to McCormick County in 2005. Upon discovering the MACK, Pat took watercolor classes from Bill Updegraff. Shortly thereafter, she began acrylic and sketching classes with Clint Scott. Pat found Mr. Scott to be her most inspiring instructor and has continued attending his classes to the present time.
Pat’s works have been recognized in the community through numerous awards from various exhibitions. She was awarded “Best of Show” in the juried show at the MACK in 2008,”Honorable Mention” at the Festival of Flowers Exhibit in Greenwood in 2009, and “Honorable Mention” at the 2014 Spring Fest Show in North Augusta, to name a few.

Q & A 

Why do you recommend people take this course regardless of being a beginner or a professional?

Art is an ongoing learning experience. I recommend that new students sit next to experienced students because we also learn by observing other artists while working.

Part of each class is a lecture. What is a sampling of topics you cover?

My typical topics vary but these were some of my most recent. 
• How to balance warm and cool colors
• The most important painting rules
• Creating great compositions
• What over worked art looks like.

What is the average class size?

An average class size is 6 and we limit the size at 8 to insure quality individual instruction time.

What time of year is the art instruction offered?

Pat Meyers and I alternate months. The only month we do not teach is December.

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