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SLV Veterans Honored

By Nathan Elliott

AMIDST SHOUTS OF “Oohrah,” “Hooah,” and “Hooyah,” attendees at the Memorial Day Lunch Bunch paid tribute to the Armed Forces, singing the Military Medley with gusto. All participants enthusiastically applauded as Savannah Lakes Village veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard rose during their anthems and introductions. A respectful silence prevailed, however, as Ron Price movingly performed “Taps” in memory of the fallen.
To further recognize SLV veterans, an Honors List proudly displayed the names, branches, and years of service of those who had reported their military histories. Subsequent additions increased the total reported to more than 150 service members representing almost 1,500 collective years of active and reserve duty. 
These members of all military branches performed duties involving combat, combat support, and combat service support roles. Ten residents served in multiple branches, including Howard Milhoan, who fought in World War II as a sailor and the Korean War as a soldier. Some service members took part in the Korean, Vietnamese, and Middle Eastern wars; Cold War activities; and European, Latin American, and African conflicts. Others performed medical and essential functions stateside and abroad. All contributed to make the land, sea, and sky around the globe safer. 
Of the Veterans List honorees, 34% rolled caissons over hill and dale (Army), 26% sailed at break of day (Navy), 20% gave ‘er the gun in the wild blue yonder (Air Force), 11% fought our country’s battles in the Halls of Montezuma (Marine Corps), and 2% were always ready for the call (Coast Guard). Forty-five men and women -- 29% -- pursued military careers ranging from 10 to 40 years. Villagers appreciate their efforts and sacrifices.
The event ended with the serving of a delicious lunch by the friendly and efficient River Grille staff and the dissemination of information by Donald Moss and Cheryle Safford of the Veterans Administration. Harry Shelly provided the sound system, and Andy Johnston took the accompanying photos of the participating veterans and Honors List display.
Look for future articles and activities which will explore more about the men and women of Savannah Lakes Village who served their country in the military.

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