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Take Me Out To the Ball Game

By Nathan Elliott

ON SATURDAY, APRIL 13, several members of McCormick Lions went to the Burton Center in Greenwood to watch a Miracle League Ball Game. None of the Lions expected to take part in the game until they were asked if they wanted to become “buddies” and assist the players. All of the guys signed up with the Lions ladies cheering from the stands. The two teams were made up of boys and girls each having some kind of physical disability. The buddies helped them run to the bases and for some players in wheelchairs catch balls in the outfield. Others needed a shoulder to lean on or even a lift between bases. What a game!! The enthusiasm of the players was electric as was that of the Lions. Running between bases took a toll on the agility of certain members, but having become so engrossed in the game and in the cheering from both teams, the buddies ran the bases like baseball pros. The closely fought game ended in a draw. To say “being emotional” would be an understatement after seeing these young people running and laughing. It made us all proud to be Lions. Our hands still ache from all of the “high fives.” 
In May, members of McCormick Lions will be presenting a check for $500 to help defray some of the costs of transportation to and from the games played by the Miracle League players 
We would not be able to make these donations without the continued help and support of our fund raising projects. We say a really big thank you to our community.

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