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Veteran’s Appreciation

By Nathan Elliott

EIGHTEEN MEMBERS OF the Long Cane Chapter of DAR spent a few hours on March 21 visiting residents of the Richard M. Campbell Veterans Home in Anderson, SC. On arrival, members divided into groups and visited a number of the 220 veterans. Most were visited in their rooms and were given gifts of books, magazines and treats. Many of the veterans are served meals in their rooms, but other, more mobile ones, go to a central dining room for their meals. In the dining room, DAR members joined the resident veterans at their tables. This provided a second opportunity for the members to meet more residents.
While in the dining room, Long Cane Regent Jane Fairburn presented a plaque entitled “Generations” to the veteran residents in appreciation for their service to America.The plaque featured the face of a uniformed serviceman - one side of his face being youthful and the other being mature. Following the presentation, the Long Cane members sang a selection of old time favorites and patriotic songs.Veterans joined in and made requests including “The National Anthem.”
The veterans at the Richard M. Campbell Home represent all branches of the military. These men and women have served in different capacities and in various wars, including WWII. The vets love to tell their stories, and we enjoy hearing them.
 Several Long Cane members visit the Home monthly; the Chapter goes as a group annually. There is a great need for more visitors to spend time with our veterans. Some have no other visitors. If you think you might be interested in visiting the home, please contact Lenee Lovejoy at (512) 787-1232 or at 
lenee814 @gmail.com.The Long Cane Chapter would welcome others who might like to visit with the Veterans.

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