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Bass Seminar A Huge Success

By Nathan Elliott

THE SAVANNAH LAKES Rod & Gun Club held a bass fishing seminar at the recreation center on Tuesday evening, March 26. The seminar was taught by our resident bass fisherman Mike Brown. The seminar started at 6:00 p.m. in the Calhoun room, and after about 15 minutes of classroom instruction on knot tying, it was moved to the outdoor swimming pool.
Mike continued his demonstration(s) and instruction using the pool so the attendees could see the action of the different lures. He also demonstrated the different techniques that could be used with each type of lure. Mike explained different ways to find the level at which the fish were feeding, the type and color of lure(s) he uses, and the lake condition and time of day (light) that determines the type and color of lure choices.
Mike explained how to use bait casting reels and spinning reels. He shared his choice of lines that he uses and why he uses them. Everyone attending learned something and enjoyed everything EXCEPT the cold! As the sun went down, so did the temperature.

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