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Paint & Pour at the MACK

By Nathan Elliott

When did the Paint & Pour event first start at the MACK?

Paint and Pour, with Jeffery Callaham began this past fall and has been very successful in providing a fun, engaging program for our interested adult students. We did have a program a few years ago offered by Doug Crawford. We are so happy to be able to bring this fun and social art program back to our community.

What is the average class size?

The class limit is 12 so the instructor can engage with each participant. The class has had 11 - 12 register for each Paint and Pour, aside from the December class which had 5. We have recently gone on waitlist

What refreshments are served?

One of the nice elements of this program is that the students participate by bringing and sharing refreshments. “Paint and Pour” programs are often a social program where students indulge in a refreshments with friends while they paint. Many choose to bring wine and an appetizer, while others opt for sparkling water, tea of sodas. It is entirely to the preference of the participant and all options are supported.

Are participants encouraged to bring anything?

Participants, beyond sharing a ‘nibbly’, are only asked to bering a positive mindset. For many, this program may be the first time they are painting and it is a great way to socialize and take a first step towards registering for other MACK art instruction courses. We do also encourage participants to ring a friend or loved one, or be open to meeting new people and sharing a fund evening together.

What is the process of how the paintings are created?

Our talented instructor helps to introduce the image to the group. He will provide the canvas, paints and image for the students to be able to focus on enjoying the experience. He then will share a few techniques to ‘sketch’ the outline of the image in charcoal, he is quite fond of vine charcoal for this step. Next he provide the paint and proceeds to sharing methods on blending colors, as well as hoe to care fort he materials and work the medium as time passes. We use acrylic paints for this class. They go where they are told, dry quickly, retain their color - bright, blended and bold and are affordable.

What have some of the themes of the paintings been?

To retain Jeffery’s iconic imagery we began the program with a folk art image featuring the simple image of a chicken. You can create such a unique image when you chose the right subject. The chicken, or rooster as many students migrated towards, has elements that can have detailing so that no two images are the same - feathers, stance, background, attitude. It was a fun experience. A holiday moose was featured in December and our January imagery was magnolias and camellias.

What is the Paint & Pour event schedule for 2019?

We are planning for every third Friday in the month. We wanted to offer a program that shared a bit of evening vibrancy for our historic downtown. Groups are also welcome to schedule and book specialty events through the MACK in addition to the monthly program.

About the Instructor:

Jeffery Callaham is not only an artist, but a storyteller. Inspired by memories of his childhood and the working life in McCormick County, South Carolina, he creates paintings that portray the stories of Southern culture. 
“I tell stories with my paintings, so everything usually begins with a story that I remember from my early years, growing up in rural South Carolina,” Callaham has said. 
Through his use of strong colors and his ability to make his characters come to life on canvas, he paints vivid images of life in the South. Callaham was the First person from McCormick County to be accepted to the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. Following high school, Callaham traveled to Atlanta to attend the Bauder College of Fashion Design and to New York to intern with fashion designer Mary McFadden. Callaham has also received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Lander University, a Masters in Education from Lesley University and is currently completing a doctorate in organizational leadership from Nova Southeastern University. He has also been named in Who’s Who in American Art. He was also the featured artist through the Painting a Brighter Future “Main Street Mural”.

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