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Outdoor Adventure Club Hike

By Nathan Elliott

A HUGE CROWD turned out to hike to the Badwell Cemetery and the Homestead site on Monday, February 5. Bill Clark gave us a wonderful presentation about the French Huguenots who settled in this area. He provided the genealogy of the Gibert family and talked about those buried in the cemetery. He explained why the slave graves were relocated to their current sites.
We then walked down to the Homestead site where Bill provided information on the site and its owners over the years until it was no longer occupied. It is now owned by the U.S. Forest Service and is being maintained by that agency with the assistance of local private individuals . Some of the foundation stones and bricks which were used in the house and other buildings can still be seen.
The last part of the Hike was on the SVRT Trail. Barry Russell spoke about the donation boxes which were a Boy Scout project. He told us how prisoners provided the labor to prepare the land for laying of the track. They did this while chained together with only hand tools, wheel barrows and wagons to move the dirt to fill in the various valleys. We learned this and much more from Berry as we walked the first mile on the trail.
The OAC wants to thank both Bill and Barry for their time, research and excellent presentations. We all appreciated learning so much about this area.

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