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Kayak Down the Augusta Canal

By Nathan Elliott

THE SLV OUTDOOR Adventure Club sponsored a kayak trip down the Augusta Canal on September 13, 2017. We were grateful that the weather was beautiful as it was the day after hurricane Irma came to visit us and moved on. The sun was out and gentle breezes prevailed. 
We started at the Savannah Rapids Park and ended at Lake Olmstead, a 5.3 mile paddle. It was an easy paddle with the current helping us move (no, we did not paddle through any rapids).
The landscape was lush and beautiful, laden with water flowers and lots of wildlife. The wildlife seemed to wonder what we were doing there as the canal is their territory. Oh well, we just came for a short time. What a great way to visit with fellow kayakers, relax and be at peace with our environment. 
We worked up an appetite after two hours on the water, and the group returned to the Savannah Rapids Park for a picnic.

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